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    Short Pump! Long Pump!

    Anyone have any back to back experience with the short vs long pump on a GPRXP? Looking for info like handling differences overstuff problems with the short pump without valves? Holeshot gains/losses top speed gains/losses.


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    Short pump:
    -easier to adjust your rideplate of choice, and no interference.
    -I noted while riding Woody's two years ago, that his turned very easy compared to my long setup. It wasn't apple/apple, but I was still impressed.
    -If you have a stuffing issue, drill the holes in the pump shoe. This will take you into the mid-80s.
    -No difference seen on the pump pressure IF the rideplate angle is the same. The rideplate angle is a much larger knob than the pump length.

    Long Pump:
    -Faster refill.
    -Ski keeps it's nose attitude way, way better across the tops of rough water, hence the feeling of better pump refill.
    -Turning is more progressive... Very small changes at the edges of the turn are way more pronounced then when you first turn the bars.
    -Not much difference between old style, and new style pump with the 2" extension. Maybe 1mph...maybe. On a stock gprxp it might be a better choice.

    SD 75mm extention conversion (same length as Long pump)
    -Holeshot is much harder.
    -Turning is very, very good. However, the progressiveness mentioned above is worse... it turns on a dime out on the edges. You ride it hard, she turns hard.
    -Pump pressure at 80mph is only 40psi on a 12r grate with no pressure relief. I'll have higher numbers shortly.
    -Rideplate clearance is worse than long pump.
    -SD nozzle has been known to snap off...the whole nozzle It needs reinforcement.
    -Still not very affordable.

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    Thanks good info Mark. I have a few tests coming tomorrow.

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    how does an xlt hull respond to an extended pump? also is there a difference with the small hub or large hub ho pump stator?
    mr-1 4 stroke swap in an xlt hull. looking for best setup

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