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    X-chargers with stock intercooler

    I believe my metal washer in my 07 superchargers are starting to go bad. I have plans to upgrade my boat, but would like to get back in the water while its still summer. Instead of fixing the 07 superchargers, I was thinking of buying the X-chargers and installing 42 lb injectors, leaving everything else stock on the boat. Will that cause problems?


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    Nope... boat will run so much better. You'll probably smack the rev limiter at 8160rpm.... little prop tweak can fix that.

    with a 4" intake and the X-Charger/42lbs injector combo on the stock prop I was running 57mph @ 8160.

    After a prop change and perfect weather I ran a best of 61.3mph

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    How much headroom is there with the stock injectors? I'm at altitude where NA vehicles lose around 21% power and FI vehicles lose 12-15% peak power.. so I use that much less injector than a guy at sea level. So theoretically, if the x-charger increases power 12% or less vs. the stock charger I ought to be okay and just getting the kind of power sea level guys get with the stock charger.

    If/when injectors are running at 100% duty is there a CEL or does the engine just start running dangerously lean? Hmmm.. maybe an x-charger is in my future too.

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    Its just a guessing game at this point. If you run out of injector cycle there will be no warning and the boat will run lean if you keep pushing it.

    The only way to know for sure is to tap the manifold and install an O2 sensor to monitor AFR's.

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    ^^Might do that down the road. Spent all morning tuning my new turbo on my car.. got lots of experience monitor AFR's and I've already got an LC-1.

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