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    2009 FX HO vs 2009 FX SHO Fuel consumption


    I am looking to buy my first Waverunner. Either the 2009 FX Cruiser HO or Cruiser SHO.

    I have the option to buy either last years HO or SHO. It looks like the SHO has a bit better top end and better low end acceleration. Either would be great PWC but I was curious about the difference in fuel consumption. The majority of riding wouldn't be overly aggressive.

    From what I read so far there isn't a huge difference for my needs but the SHO isn't much more money upfront however, if it drinks a lot more fuel, that would lead me to go with the FX HO.

    Looking for some comments/feedback from you experienced folks.


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    Not a big difference in performance. I honestly believe if i took the stickers of a HO you would think it is an Sho. The HO is a very underrated ski. If you want to start modifying it the Sho is the only option, if you want to ride them stock get an Ho. Ho is a lot better on fuel.

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    if you are going to leave the ski stock
    the ho would probably be a beter option
    it will use less fuel and be about 3mph slower on the top end
    but if you are likely to go for mods at a later date
    the sho will be your best bet, as there are plenty of options for extra performance on the sho
    but almost none on the ho


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