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    Should I go from a '97 GP760 to an '01 GP800R ?

    Changed intake grate & added Ocean Pro ride plate to my GP760, helped w/porpoising a lot but not totally eliminated. Idea was to slowly "move up" to newer skis but everybody loves the bulletproof motor in this thing. Am I asking for trouble going to a GP800R? Is the 66E motor that different from the 64X? Would I still have porpoising issues? Are there more upgrade parts for the 800? I like having a two-cylinder that I can throw around vs. the added weight of a 1200. Don't need to go 70 mph on the water but 62 would be good.
    Thanks for any input.

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    i would find a gp1200, same hull more speed and you can throw it around the same as the 760. been there done it.

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