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    04 F12X Flashing FI light- Wont rev over 5000RPM's

    A buddy of mine has a F12x that sat up for 5 months. Fresh gas and oil change. It runs great up to 5000~ Rpms then slowly backs off and the FI light starts flashing. It idles great, runs smooth. Have gotten it close to 6k Rpms a few times. It seems to run better at WOT until the FI light comes on VS running at 1/2 throttle. Either way its throwing the FI light. Any ideas on where to start to find out whats going on??

    Heres what is checked out so far

    Compression, Battery voltage, Each coil is firing.

    Thanks guys!

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    is it turbo?? if it is check the wastegate linkage its probably rusted and is causing the ski to over boost.

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