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    2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di "No Spark on all 3 cylinders"

    2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di "No Spark on all cylinders"
    I just purchased a 2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di with 69 hours on it and I am getting no spark at all on all three cylinders. I have checked the crank position sensor and it read 441 ohms which is good. I have checked all switches (ignition, start and stop on tether cord) pertaining to the ignition system and they all worked fine. I have read about the emm that has many issues but I am hoping to find the problem elsewhere with this ski with low hours. If anyone out there can point me in the right direction of what to troubleshoot next or a common problem on this model of ski I would really appreciate it. I hope this was not a bad idea to purchase this model but I could not pass it up for the amount of money I paid. Thanks and I hope someone can help me out.

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    I am sure you have already done this, but check the fuses. Also the grounds both at the battery and on the starter. Does it crank at all?

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    the ECM usually takes a dump on these can be rebuilt if I remember right there is a number on the ecm to call and send it to them for repair...$$$$

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    1100 stx di

    I need to find out how to check the EMM. If anyone out there knows how to check please let me know. It will turn over fine but will not fire up at all! Checked and no spark at all to engine. I should be able to start the ski out of water is this correct. I saw where the water passes through the EMM and was wondering if the ski had to be in water for it to start. I would think "no" but just wondering if there was some kind of safety switch that I didn't know about. Please someone help me so I can get on the water with this!

    Thanks to all, Dave

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    I recently had my electrics box apart, Check the wiring inside and make sure it is sealed, i poured at least a pint of water from my box! and revealed that the Bullet connectors were faulty/corroded or completely snapped.

    It has 4 main 10mm bolts, a 10mm Nut on the side, (+) Power to battery and also has the coil leads entering it. Disconnect the multi plugs and out it comes! Take the oppertunity to clean, re grease, re seal and paint the box.

    Hope this helps


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    Try disconnecting the tps, check for spark, if you have spark ski should start and idle if all goes well check tps connection for corrosion if wire look good replace tps

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    I own the exact same ski. No it does not have to be in water to fire it up, but, do not run it for any length of time out of the water or you will burn up the computer.

    There really isnt much of a way to check the computer yourself. If all the sensors check out and it still wont start you will have to pull the computer and send it off to be tested. Make sure all your wiring connectors are plugged together well. I rebuilt my engine and initially it started and ran fine, but I had to pull the engine back out to repair a hull seal leak. When I put engine back in I could not get it to start, no fuel pressure or spark. After chasing the problem for hours I finally traced it to one of the wiring plug seals not letting the connection make good contact. I removed the seal, plugged it back together and ski fired right up.

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    Or buy the service manual so you have a wiring schematic & verify you have all your power & grounds coming out of the computer..

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    come on now fellas..this is a two year old problem!

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    I dont typically look at dates to see how old it is when I respond to posts. Excuse me for attempting to answer a question to a problem.

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