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    951 GTX 1999 seadoo question

    A buddy of mine has a 99 gtx and he's having an issue. He keeps blowing the coupler off from the pipe to the waterbox. We inspected the water solenoid and the waterbox and found nothing wrong or clogged. We made sure the water solenoid worked properly. Checked the resonator by blowing through it. Sometimes he'll burn a hole in the coupler. His pissers work but it sounds to me like a water issue still. Before he got this ski someone had already burned up the engine, they put a different engine in it, but never fixed the problem I guess. Motor is rebuilt with new crank and pistons. Ski runs great, its just that he keeps either burning a hole through the coupler or blowing it off the waterbox. The hose from the waterbox to the resonator is good, it doesn't collapse. Checked the nipples on the pipes to make sure they were working. Just lost, anybody encounter this problem before?

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    I would check you haven't reversed crossed the water lines on the pipe.When you say checked the water valve fitting have you done a real live test in the water on trailer cause this is the only way to test it properly.At idle it should be full flowing and then reduce to about 1/4 flow as revs increase.

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