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    In need of cylinder/piston

    Well, unfortunately my first post here isn't a happy one. However, I'm glad I found these forums when I did otherwise I might be needing more than just one cylinder.

    Anyways - 99 XLT1200, #2 piston is bent up about 1/8" above the top ring land right in the middle of the exhaust port. Where would the best place be to order a replacement cylinder/piston?

    Already have a decently sizeable shopping list from both Riva and Island Racing, wasn't really planning on anything more, but when I went to check the power valves last weekend (after learning of the issue with the pins and the need for WaveEater clips) the one in cylinder 1 is almost completely gone (just the stem is left) but there's somehow no damage to the piston (which really confuses me) but when I pulled the head I saw the damage to the #2 piston.

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    PM me i have a cylinder/piston kit for sale.

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    1 piston/cyl or all 3? New or used? If new, I'll most likely pick it up off you. It's my dad's ski, I'm just doing the work (23 and work on cars for a living) and I don't think he'd go for a used setup.

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    If you're just replacing one, go with OEM. If you're replacing all 3, go with Pro-X. OEM can be had from a number of places online. and are two that I use. yamahapartsdepot doesn't stock stuff, so it takes a while, but parts are reasonable. rapes you on shipping, but they can get you parts fast if they have them in stock. Either will be cheaper than the dealer.

    If the cylinder is damaged, send it to Millenium for replating.

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