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    WR3 and WRLX for $950 bucks

    Gf picked these up today. Not sure what year but ones a Waverunner LX and the other Waverunner 3. Older models, I'd say 90/91 probably. Included a 2 place trailer and a lift I havent seen yet but have to go get.

    Some questions though.

    The WR3 wont run. This is the one he said he uses everytime as he's a big guy and it was more stable. Said if it sits to long the gas drains back into the tank so he just poored some gas into the spark plug holes and she would fire up. Rode it this past saturday. For the life of me I cant get it running. Tried 3 or 4 times with gas in the spark plugs and she'll fire instantly, be reved out for a second and die right off. I actually don't see gas in the fuel filter. Cranking it I see it bubbling through but can't tell if its flowing? Maybe about an 1/8th of a tank left and 1 bar on the digi gauge. It has 160 compression though Cant decide if thats a good thing? I tested it twice and both times it shot to 160 dead on.

    The WRLX is the one he hasnt had running in 2 years. Charged my AGM battery from a blown motor ski, stuck it in, tried some gas int he spark plugs there too just for kicks, and it fired right up zero problem and idled fine after warming up for a few seconds. That one tested 140/140 psi (or is it 145 cant remember)

    So I think that was a good buy. Especially going into it thinking one was dead for sure.

    Any thoughts on the WR3 not pulling gas in?

    Oh and I dont see a oil tank in the LX so what is the mix ratio on that one.

    Thanks for any help.

    I know these wont be any fast things but it'll be nice to be back on the water. The blown ski I have is a 99 XP Limited. 130 hp 951cc. That was fun one till it lost a rod bearing which turned into eating the whole motor.

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    I have basically the same two skis. A 1990 WR LX and a 1995 WR 3. My LX did not come with oil injection, the sticker on it says run it at 50:1 but I run all my skis at 40:1 so that one gets the same. My WR 3 had oil injection but since it was the only ski I had with it I took it off. I don't trust oil injection and even if I did I didn't want to have to carry both mixed and straight gas with me all the time. I don't really care for the way those two hulls slide across the water when you try to make a turn, I prefer my 750SS which digs in and cuts like a street bike but sliding around on the old Yami's can be fun too.


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    Both running all weekend. I definitly agree on the hull design. The LX does turn decently but its weird how its slides. The WR3 definitly slides across the water. Makes me miss my XP limited bad. I dont care how fast you were going, if you turned the bars it was gonna cut hard. To the point wide open, you turn full left or right, it'd dig and throw you off in a heart beat if you don't hang on lol.

    Any rate, for her first ski's, and price it was nice to get us both on the water.

    Now I noticed the LX would nearly stop if it had too much resistance, take awhile to plan out, and a lot slower than the WR3. Checked the impeller and its in bad shape. All 3 blades have the tips missing, leading edges are beat to hell, and blades themself look rough. Got it out tonight and looking for a new one now.

    250r atc's are insane rides

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    Wow, 950$ for both and the trailer. Thats impressive. Great compression results. You should get alot of fun out of those.

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    Oh yeah, the fuel issue. Dont be taking your plugs out to start your ski! I suspect a bad diaprham in the carb. Thats what draws the fuel from the gas tank. (change your filter and try it then first) If that doesnt work then, you get to learn how to rebuild a mikuni.

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