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  1. #1 guy here....impeller question

    Hello All....Just bought a 2006 gp1300r with 52 hours on it....drove 4 hrs to get it...4 hrs home...put it in the water and it shook like hell...turned out the impeller was bad...I looked at it but didn't think it was that bad. My mistake. Anyway the dealer put a Solas 14/20 on it and my stock 1998 gp1200 blows it out of the hole as does my cousins stock 2005 gp1300r. Top end is there on the 1300 but it sure takes time to get there. Is this the right impeller? Machine is bone stock.

    Thanks for all the help.

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    You probably would be better off with a 13/19 or a 13/20. However if you were to install aftermarket heads or get your current heads milled it would raise your compression. With better compression you should see improvement with your current prop.

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    No, thats a big prop for a stock ski. Why not put a stock one back in. There are lots of them floating around here. Keep that prop if you decide to do some mods. Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the help guys...greatly appreciated...on a mission to find a stock impeller.

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