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Thread: 96 slt780

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    96 slt780

    i have some parts for a 96 slt 780 left, i am getting ready to junk it. mostly sending units tanks /seat/ handlebars/.ebox minus the stator wires/ starter/ bendix/lower engine caseand a few other parts. the starter and bendix are suspect because it was sold and returned stating it was weak,here i do not know what constitutes weak as it was still starting the ski when taken off, so there are No guarantees implied here all parts are sold as is
    let me know what you want i will send it asap for 15.00 plus shipping regardless of what part.(might not be able to ship tanks or sending units so if you want them come get them for free)
    steve cainDC1(SW/ATS) Usn retired

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    reverse gate mounting bolts

    Hi! Will you be willing to sell the mounting bolts for the reverse gate off the jet nozzle. I took my reverse gate off and my son has misplaced the bolts for it. Thank you.

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    Complete pump and shaft? If available - how much with shipping to 80537?

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    Looking for MFD for my 97, yours still working?

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    Do you have the flame arrestor?

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