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    Ultra 150 Slow out of the hole?

    Recently bought an Ultra 150 that needed motor rebuild due to cracked oil lines... On the ski the prop was catching the wear ring which made me believe that the bearings were going to be bad but to my surprise the bearings were fine. The wear ring had some light wear in it but nothing I would that I would think is that bad but then again I don't know what is considered bad for a wear ring so I just added one shim to make it clear and put it back together and took it out. I also noticed that it was a skat trak prop but I did not look pay enough attention to the numbers on it to actually know what it is.(doh)

    This is my first experience with jet ski's but overall the jet ski runs great but from a dead stop the rpms shoot up but the ski just doesn't seem like its being pushed very hard until it gets all the way out of the water. Is this common for an ultra 150 or should it pull harder out of the hole? I would think being as light as it is it should come of the water faster.

    Only thing I can compare it to is an 2010 FZ SHO to which even he thought that it wasn't leaving the hole like it should compared to how it ran on top.(He barely would pull me on top but I'll fix that later. )

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    Does it feel semi lazy up until around 3000rpm then after that it starts moving on pretty good? If thats the feeling your getting,thats just the water getting cleared out of your water box from the stinger.... Theres a stinger mod that works really well that eliminates 90% of that laying over down in the lower RPMs that it seems your speaking of.... An yeah man,A prop an sealed up ride plate you should be just fine with stock SHO's up top....

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    I thought about that but the RPM's are over 6000 and the jet ski just doesn't feel like its moving until it comes completely out of the water... Once its out of the water it runs great but if it sinks back down in the water its a slug.

    I'm planning on pulling the pump again but figured i'd post and see if there were any common things I'm missing.

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    Seems to me that its pump / impeller related. What shape was the impeller in, dings, bends, etc ?? Did you measure the clearance (with feeler guage) when you where finished putting in the shim and pump back together??

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