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    1996 SL700 - Problems geting out of the hole - stron smell of gas

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I am wondering if anyone can assist me with my problem. I own a 1996 Polaris SL700 PWC. It starts great, and runs great. Changed spark plugs, had a compression test that resulted in 110 and 130. Problem is, the machine will sound and act a little "lazy" when full throtle is used to get out of the hole and over the water, to the point that if I slow down and try to get out of the hole again, the throtle is full out, I can smell gas, and yet the machine seems not to have enough thrust to get up and over. I can have the throtle fully open for a minute or two and then all of a sudden the machine will take off and I am back having fun... until I stop or slow down enough. Any ideas? Can this be a fuel flow problem (only premium fuel is used), an electrical problem? Maybe engine? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    you need to check your fuel system for leaks.. you should not be riding the ski if youcan smell gas.. you need to check everything from the fuel tank to the carbs..

    your compresion is also low on the one cyl.. they should be even.. at 120 or higher.. one of your issues could be do to low compression.. take the head off and look at the piston

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    Your engine is not 'running great'. In fact, it is running very poorly. Do not continue to ride it until all the problems are corrected.

    You may be smelling gas from the exhaust. If the engine is not running properly then unburned fuel may be going out the exhaust.

    If the ignition system is the original, then you may need to install the Ignition System Update Kit.

    If this machine is new to you, then there are a number of things you need to do before you go riding.

    The links below will prove useful.

    You need to ensure the fuel system and carburetor(s) are 100% internally clean and in good condition.

    Make sure the correct spark plugs are installed.

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    Thank you for your replies. Looks like I will have to do my sleeves up and go through the whole machine to check what is going on.

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