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    GPR SHO Setup help

    Hey lads

    Ive been tinkering on my GPR SHO and woudl like some input for pump/hull setup.

    Im currently running a SHO pump and Dynafly 14/20 with stock nozzles. I was running a 800 ss grate and stock rideplate doing about 83 MPH. The ski runs C3, powershot and a cooler with stock ECU.

    The caviation is horrible... like i get flogged by everything off the line, only to finally catch up and pass. The other issue i have is if its not 100% flat it never hooks up (which is 90% of the time).

    Ive just put in a 1200 2 bar grate which i hear fixes a few issues with hookup and holeshot. I stil dont understand how the intake grate makes such a difference off the line but ill take it out next weekend (just installed the grate ) to see how it helps.

    Ive also ordered a 81ml 2.5 degree nozzle. Im finding in the rought its just simply not staying down and plowing throught the waves, and hope the lesser natural trim will help.

    I run a auto drop nozzle which has really made it turn and now im really happy with the steering response..

    my main riding is in choppy rivers and ocean jumping, but occasionally race in local races (closed course and slaloms) and wish to achieve an "all round" package...

    Id like to keep the ski over 82MPH without going for a reflash... its nice to know i can run decent numbers at 7700 RPM and to me that means reliablility and general life of charger clutch etc... so my challenge is to balance washing off speed with handling mods and maintaining MPH... I dont really want to go 160ML pump setup as i dont realy want to race the thing so if anyone has found any magical setups for a ski similar to mine id be grateful for the help

    Cheers in advance


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    With your current setup I don't see how you can't be all over the limiter. On Shodude's stock motor I had to run a 15-22 or 23. With a E1 I couldn't make the prop big enough and ran 88-89 on the stock ECU.

    A 1200 grate will help with bouncing due to the increased angle on the scoop.

    A good set of R&D sponsons will help turning.

    Shim your stock tabs about .060.

    1200 grate has a bigger opening allowing more water in on holeshot. Your going to need some sort of pump pressure relief as well.

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    pete make sure you get some sort of pump pressure relief in there like duke suggested, specially since your gonna run a 81mm nozzle, your deffinetly gonna create more pressure in the pump tunnel.

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    Hi Duke.. the ski doesnt ride on the limited.. its about 100RPM off at 83... which is OK. Its sits on the limited off the line though for ages so ill see how the 1200 grate sorts that out...

    Pressure relief... guess i need to sort that out. I hadnt considered doing that as so far its been ok "fingers crossed" but i guess its cheap insurance

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    told yah buddy........... betta be safe than sorry, i have,nt done all that stuff on mine for nuffin........... not just bling champ
    mite need unload that dynafly aswel ( its all about holeshot )

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    hehehe i know V...

    Hey lads anyone know where we can get good high flow pressure relief vales from? I seen some ski which had them plumbed into the pump tunnel, they were like 1/2 and look like they will flow more than the jetworks jobbies

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