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    Help with SLX 780 1996 mag cylinder.

    Outside the water the jet-ski sounds and seem to work perfect. I touch all 3 cylinders and they seem to get hot meaning they area working. But on the water seems like the CEN adn the PTO are working but the MAG is not. sometimes it work sometimes it doesn't. The ski will run slow because it is running on 2 cylinder but out of the sudden it runs fast when the MAG cylinder fires up again. I know is not a spark problem. i try changing the cable from the center to the mag but nothing.

    Also I can start the ski with the CEN alone, witht he PTO cylinder alone but not with the MAG cylinder. Any idea on what it can be?

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    Bad spark plug, bad wire, bad coil, Poor connection between the spark plug boot and wire.

    Start doing the troubleshooting found in the manual.

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    i tested the same spark plug in another cylinder and it works, is not the cable because i also tried with the other cylinder. and coil i have no idea. where is that? inside the cylinder?

    if is in the other end of the wire then i dont think because is working in the other cylinder.

    it has something else strange on it.

    will this be a cause for a broken reed? but if i hit a wave hard then the cylinder will start working and i will go high speed. weird thing and hard to find out what could be reed?

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