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    1997 SL 780 still getting hot.

    I posted a few days ago about my overheating problem and melted exhaust. I cleared and checked everything and replaced exhaust.

    I ran it on the hose last night and the jug closest to the back of the ski was ice cold, the center one was warm but I could keep my hand on it and the front cylinder was too hot to touch.

    I pulled the manifolds and I can find no blockage. So I am now suspecting maybe the fuel pump is not supplying enough fuel up the rail?

    Any thoughts?

    It seems difficult for dealers to get Polaris Parts now. Any idea of a different type of pump I could use?

    Also how can test the pump, how can I tell if it is pumping enough?

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    did you take off the water manifold bar on top of the cylinders? check that for junk.. when on the hose you will get wierd readings from the cylinders and they wontbe even... but to hot to touch is not good

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    How long did you run it on the hose? There are two issues that keep that MAG cylinder hot on the hose. The first is that the stator is so close to it that it keeps it warmer than the others. The second is gravity. There is not much pressure coming off the hose. By the time water from the hose gets to the MAG the volume is much less than the center and PTO. If you have a adjustable jack on your trailer lower it so that the bow is slightly lower than the stern the next time you run it on the hose. You will find that the MAG is still warmer than the Center and the PTO but you will be able to put your hand on it. Just don't run on the hose too long.

    I would still check for the blockage, but if it is clear I would take it in the water and see if there is a change. Don't run it on the hose for more than a minute or two tops.

    The fuel pump would not have anything to do with the water rail.

    Did you find the reason for the exhaust problem when you changed it? Those fittings that K447 was talking about get gummed up. I had to clean mine out.

    If you got that much seaweed clogged in the pump at wot I could see that causing your problem. I did notice that you said that you continued on it to try and get in when you realized you were stopped up pretty good with seaweed.

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