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    Need some advise on jet pump rebuild

    I just bought a Jet pump rebuild kit from ebay. It said it has all the bearings o-rings and seals for a jet pump rebuild. Now I am looking at the parts catalog and I see drive shaft has floating bearing housing, and thats where my jet ski is leaking.inside the jet pump there are more bearings and seals the kit I bought is for those I assume. are drive shaft components a part of jet pump? Did I just buy the wrong kit? I am thinking maybe I should have bought floating bearing assembly.

    Has anyone bought those rebuild kits off of ebay?

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    I picked mine up from SBT. There are two seals that sit inside the pump stator on the engine side, then a bearing, a spacer, and a bearing. They usually include the o rings for the the stub shaft (2, nickel and dime sized) and a larger one for the cone side of the pump stator. I didn't use any others.

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    I guess since I already ordered pump rebuild kit I will go ahead and rebuild the jet pump. now my real problem is leaking hull bearing. After reading the pages you forwarded me I found out I need to get 2 (generic seals) I can use SKF 8702 these are just the seals. and I need a bearing
    Shaft 0.875
    Bore 1.499
    OD 1.503
    Width 0.25

    to solve my leakege problem.

    Now I know I am asking a lot of questions but I really dont know much about polaris. do you guys know why my shaft is moving back and forth when I give it some throttle. Is it the bumpers on the drive shaft causing this? It moves in an area about 1/4 of an inch. that must be the reason why my seals gone south right?

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    theres 2 little rubber plugs for each end of the driveshaft.. do you have them in place? yes , that could cause it moving around.

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    I havent pulled the pump yet. I am just doing my study before. I hate starting off something and not being able to finish because of lack of parts. But I am pretty sure we are talking about the same thing here. Plastic rubber bumpers thats on both ends of the shaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stssa View Post
    I havent pulled the pump yet. I am just doing my study before. I hate starting off something and not being able to finish because of lack of parts...
    Sometimes you need to pull it apart, just to see what is actually damaged, and what is good.

    The jet pump is not that hard to remove. Once you have it out, you can check for worn, missing, and damaged items. Then you will be able to figure out what you need.

    You can always stuff it back into place on the hull until the parts come in.

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    Thanks for all the help guys. I just installed new seals in the bearing carrier. Shaft has a little bit of damage from rubbing against the bore inside the carrier. Hopefully It wont be a problem. I used TCM 08142tb-h-bx oil seals. I couldnt find SKF 8702. Oh well, TCM seal fit right in there. tonight I will take it out and finish my engine break in procedure. Last week I installed an oversize piston kit 1.5mm and took it out to get it broken-in, then realized It was taking in a lot of water so I had to stop. I think this leak had caused the last piston fail, because water was pouring in from the seal area and shaft was splattering this water right at silencer intake which is facing down towards the shaft. So this is important for everybody out there who has a leaking carrier bearing. DO not ride it until you fix the leakage or you will damage the engine maybe electronics as well.

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    Glad you got your leak fixed. I too had this same leak on my driveshaft seal carrier bearing thingie. I disassembled mine. There is technically 2 bushings inside (I guess bushings are sorta bearings) and 2 seals, 1 on either end. The bushings should slide over the fat part of the driveshaft and have minimal slop in it... not worn or out-o-round. They hold the carrier centered on the driveshaft that passes through it so the two seals on either end can stay properly in contact and hold the grease in and the water out.

    Of the two seal carriers I took apart, one of mine had very worn bushings (bearings) inside. So much so the driveshaft could wiggle around and end seals didn't seal well. It was the victim of a misaligned engine-to-jetpump that wore out the bushings.

    I used two Chicago Rawhide (SKF) 8702 seals... one on each end. Filled the carrier with grease and it's been working like a champ!

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