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    Couple of Piston Questions

    My '98 SLTX took a crap on me the other day and I checked the compression and it was down to under 100 on the rear cylinder...I pulled the head off and this is what I have found...anyone know what caused this??? This is the second time I've had to put a new piston in this same cylinder..the first one looked like it burned a hole in it and possibly detonated the piston causing it to is what the 2nd one looks like...

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    2nd I have an 02 freedom I am working on for a buddy and the front piston took a crap and burned a hole in I am putting a new jug and piston in it but I need to know if a piston from a 98 sltx would work ok in it? I noticed that this piston i want to put in it has a hole in the piston skirt (the one I took out of the freedom does not have this hole)..does this make a difference or will it be ok?

    Here is a pic of the piston I want to use...

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    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated..

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    Looks like metal debris damage to that piston. What does the part of the piston that is outside the bottom of the picture look like?

    Is the piston the correct size for the bore? It looks like the piston ring is sticking out well beyond the piston edge.

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    This would be the same as my problem , ofcause mine is worst.
    the piston skirt broke off and cause this.

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    That first piston was damaged by metal floating around in there...since I dont see any pieces of piston ring broken off, it was either there from the first rebuild, or your crank bearings are coming apart. How many hours on the rebuild? Also, see the rust on the cylinder walls? You need to be fogging that motor during extended storage.

    As for that second piston, Polaris quit putting that hole in the side of the 81mm pistons. It used to be used with certain 700 and 1050 cylinders. If your Freedom has a single carb, I wouldn't run it. If it has two, you'll probably be OK, but may need to richen up that cylinder slightly.

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    Few more quick questions...I know the 1050's and 700's run a few different piston sizes..what are the differences?? I have some pistons that are 80.85..80.88. The SLTX has the 009 cylinders in it..i purchased another cylinder and piston off of ebay to replace the one in the first picture and it is a 009 with the 80.85 this the correct piston for the cylinder?? They told me it came out of a '98 sltx 1050...which is the same year as mine.

    Also, I was going over the motor earlier and noticed that the cases on this motor have a bunch of holes in the crank cases..I'm not really sure what they do??? Any help?? I have two other sets of cases in my garage and one set doesn't have the holes in the cases but the other one there a logic behind these holes? Am I going to run into any issues???

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