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    Make a FZR a 3 person PWC.

    I found a good deal on a 2009 FZR. Is there any way to change the seat to make it a FZS?

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    yes, change the rear seat.

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    Bolt an FZS rear seat to it. Swaps right over. No drilling required. The holes for the tow loop are drilled in the FZR also just covered up with a peice of rubber. I would see if someone wants to trade ya seats first before you go and buy it.

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    Cool. Picking it up tomorrow. Anyone want to trade seats? I am in Montgomery, Al.

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    You will need a special star wrench for the bolts. The orange locktite Yamaha uses is some strong stuff so be gentle with the first time taking them off. They will be tight.

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    There were some (or at least one) at Mudbug on an FZS with an FZR arse.

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    What is Mudbug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cut2please View Post
    What is Mudbug?
    The "be all and end all" of Jet Ski get togethers that I have yet to attend. Apparently one hell of a shin-dig from what I gather. Hang around long enough and you'll hear it surface from time to time.

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    To complete the change one or two riders I know of (both bought "R" in 09 to get the blue hull) have peeled off their 2 person capacity stickers... just to satisfy the fuzz. Brand X PWCs don't run capacity stickers and it is the same darn hull and deck FZR to FZS afterall so the capacity sticker is just plain silliness.

    My question: if you have invested in an "R" OEM cover will it fit over the "S" seat??

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    i wish i bought my ski already . . . i want a red one (s) but the R seat . . .

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