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Thread: water in 06 rxp

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    water in 06 rxp

    just chainging my oil on a ski that i bought this winter. i have not driven it since i bought it.had to get it water ready.the bike must have sunk prier to me buying it.the owner lied to me and said it had synthiec oil in so i was going to change it anyways.i change the supercharger to an 08.the charger i took out was nfg but still had the washers shaveings in the oil filter.i know i have to flush the engine several reading in the forums i know how to do question is can i do multiple oil changes with the filter out of i also have to let it cool down between changes since i am do this on my garden hose in the driveway.can the carbon seal handle 5min intervals on the hose than change oil than repeat or should i take 1 to 2 hours to let it cool down.thanx.

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    You can try boiling the water out. you have to pinch trhe cooling hose to the oil cooler and you need 2 garden hoses. one to run through the motor and a second to keep the seal wet and cool. then run it for 20 min. keep the dipstick pulled out. it should steam a lot. when your all done change the oil again

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