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    RXT Loss of power, Help...

    Ok I'm new to the forum and need a little help and advice. Went to the lake this weekend and just as soon as I took off from the ramp I noticed that the power was way down, could still hear the turbo whining and all sounded normal, just couldn't find out why the loss of power, then I talked to two of my friends that have RXT's and they both locked up their engines with ceramic pieces in them. Whats the deal ??? Why not a recall yet? Anyway, My ski is still ran but put it on the trailer, whats the next step ? Do I just need the new (Ti) washers and/or Ceramic bearings... I have read alot of the posts, just don't know if I need total rebuild or just repair whats broke.

    2006 RXT 48 Hrs 50MPH top speed

    Thanks Jim

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    Okay....first things first....welcome to the board. turbo...super charger.

    With engine off...remove the inlet to the sc and try to turn the blades with your finger tip.

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    Excuse me, Supercharger... If it's whining it should be turning, right ?

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    You still need to check your supercharger. 50 mph is as fast as these ski's will go without the supercharger pushing. I would bet money that the ceramic supercharger washer went out and did some destruction to your engine.

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    You might be lucky and just have a hose that is loose/came off ... check the SC to TB hose and clamps and also check to see if you can spin the SC impeller as mentioned.

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