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    GTX IS 260 vs RXT IS 260

    GTX IS 260 vs RXT IS 260

    What are all the differences between these 2 models?


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    Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured I should get off my butt and post something! I was planning on picking up both of these this summer, but it will have to wait until next one . Besides the color and the weight (GTX is 10 lbs heavier), the GTX has a more "luxury" seat, and if I recall correctly it comes with those "speed ties" (those quick retractable mooring lines pods) and a few other "luxury" items. From the Seadoo website....

    Features Exclusive to GTX Limited iS
    • Custom boat cover
    • Depth finder
    • Speed tie
    • Sand bag anchor
    • Removable dry bag
    • Saddlebag anchor
    • Safety kit
    • Glovebox organizer
    Is that worth the extra $1500 over the RXT is260? I don't know, but I was going to pitch the GTX to the wife because of the "softer" seat . Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted if you pick one of these up.

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    Ask a dealer about servicing the iS boats. In addition to another 125 lbs +/-, and a number of additional things that could go wrong with the skii, the iS apparently makes even simple things like changing the oil a lot more difficult/costly to do. I'm not saying it's bad, just be aware before you buy. I had one dealer tell me they wouldn't service them unless you bought them at their shop given the time it takes to work on them. I went the lower cost and lighter route and got the RXT-X and have been happy with it. Rides great.

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    I think the suspension system on the GTX is a little softer than the RXT.

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