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    94 Seadoo XP Bogging down at 3000 rpm

    My son and I acquired a non running 94 XP project ski recently. The problem was a sheared Woodruff. We tossed in the water and beyond initially smoking like crazy it ran like hell.
    The next day, my son and his buddy took it out and bombed around a bit and brought it back to me. I got on and it suddenly wouldn't run over 3000 rpm. It bogs down with that throaty sound like it is being choked. Adding choke at any speed makes it worse beyond initial startup which leads me to think it might be flooding?
    I unplugged the red lead on the rectifier and it seemed worse although I couldn't really tell because the tach no longer worked. (was that the right lead to disconnect?)
    Anyway, I am now at a loss. I can only think to take the carbs off and clean them. The last owner thought that his dad hadn't winterized it properly and said he rebuilt the carbs trying to remedy the situation which of course didn't work. They DO look fresh in terms of hoses clamps and general tidyness.
    Any suggestions? If it isn't the carbs I would rather not mess with them.

    many thanks in advance...


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    One problem possibly solved. Upon removal of the Carbs I noticed a cable that ran to the oil pump. It was attached to a lever that was spring loaded but the last person to put it together had neglected to spin the lever around to load the spring. So, it was just flopping back and forth which would likely provide the engine with maximum oil at all times. Hence the smoke... I hope.

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