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    Possible new owner!

    I need some quick advice. I'm looking at a '97 polaris 1050 thats in pretty good shape, or at least appears to be. It has current registration through next summer and just came off the lake. The problem is its missing on one cylinder. The owner said he was out last week and it was running good until he hit a big wave and then it started missing. He's replaced the sparkplugs and coils but its still missing. Half the MFD doesn't show up. From what I have read the problem could be the MFD, the stator, or the last 3/8" of the spark plug wire. I started it up real easy so I'm thinking it has to be one of those things. Any ideas? He wants 1200 for it which seems decent enough. Any help would be great. Thanks,


    ps Awesome site! Learned a little about a lot and hope I can contribute!

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    Problem could be a number of things. It will take some diagnostics to pin down what the actual cause is.

    It may need a $300 Ignition Update Kit, a replacement MFD display, or something else.

    I am thinking of buying a PWC. Any tips?

    Start with the basics, like cylinder compression

    The links below have a lot of info

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