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    msx 140 will not idle

    I'm working on a 04 msx 140. It came into the shop with it running very erratic. Checked and found no fuel pressure. Removed tank and found regulator had fallen out...made necessary repairs. Regained fuel pressure but still ran very poorly...won't throttle up, idles very high. Found TPS failure. Replaced TPS now it will throttle up ok but will not idle. Checked compression... 125 all holes. I do have a red light flashing on the dash. Do I need to calibrate the TPS? Any help would be great. Thanks

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    I would read the codes using the LED tool.

    Make sure the correct spark plugs are installed. PZFR6H, no substitutes.

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    Sometimes the EMM needs some run time to self calibrate to the TPS, but it should still idle.

    Unplug the TPS. It should idle.

    Check CPS ohms. Remove CPS and look for signs of damage or metal debris.

    Measure injector voltage on White/Red wires (with all injectors plugged in). Should be right around 45 volts.

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    sounds like you might have a bad stator. Do a A.C. output test on the stator....while cranking with a good battery disconnect the 12 pin harness out of the EMM. It should read 7-8 volts AC while cranking on pins 1 to 12 and 2 to 11. On the others should read 5-6 volts AC....also do a ohms test as well...

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