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    stock sho impeller pitch

    Just installed stage 1 ending with a solas 13/22, what fun. broke a couple of tools before welding up specific tools for the next prop change as I will continue mods. I am curious, what is the pitch on the stock sho impeller?

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    It's 12/19 i think..

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamos View Post
    It's 12/19 i think..
    +1 dropped mine in gauge and also 12ish/19

    keep me posted on your rpm's with that 13/22r...i have the same prop and love it in my cooler climate (UK) and the revs are spot on @ 7700 in heat

    BTW. the 13/22r is a 21 pitch,confused !! no idea why they did this but all the ones gh had have came up 13/21 on gauge inc mine

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    I just fitted the 13/23 skat on mine, got no cavitation at all and it flies , also getting 7700 rpm even hooks up in the rough.

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