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    newly acquired zxi 1100(98)?'s

    I just brought home the 1100 and need some advice. Is their a drain bolt somewhere to clean out the crankcase, or just leave the debris inside the bottom until you rebuild the engine? I have searched the site and have already ordered an oil block off kit. What ratio should I run the mix(read 40:1 and 50:1)? Is the synthetic Pennzoil oil worth the cheaper price or will it cause problems down the road? I ride on a fairly shallow river (3-15ft), so it is mainly jet boats and not much wake or chop, what's the best prop to purchase? Also I read about an Ocean Pro Performance kit on a different site, but can't find it. Any clue what they were talking about?

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    there is no drain bolt, what is in the crankcase that should'nt be there ? use a full syn to help keep the carbon down,

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