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    2009 Ultra LX 260 - not stable - need more boyant sponsons?

    Recently purchased a new 2009 Ultra LX 260 and I'm rigging it for fishing off Naples, FL.

    Like the ski BUT find that it is too "tippy" at low speeds even when I'm alone on it - I'm fairly tall at 6'4", 210# so I expect that has an effect on the COGravity.

    Also the stern rear could use FAR more flotation when fishing rack and gear are attached OR anyone is with me on the ski with no other gear on the rear.

    In short, I want far more stability and rear flotation.

    Is there a sponson made to overcome this issue?

    Suggestions appreciated.

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    aftermarket sponsons may help for handling. You may even look into a different ride plate.....these are if you are looking for improvement to handling at various speeds. As for being for bouyant....i sincerely doubt that there is anything that will make your ski more bouyant.

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