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    Ding in lower hull--how to fix?

    My 2000 virage TX has a pretty good ding in the lower hull, just adjacent to the keel. The manual says the lower hull is made of "sheet molded composite". The ding is about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. It is about a mm or two deep, and you can see fiber material in it. I don't know what "sheet molded composite" is, but it looks as if the gel coat is totally scraped off. There are a bunch of fiberglass repair kits available. What kind should I be looking for? Thanks?

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    Arrow Gelcote repair kit for shallow gelcoat hull repairs

    Sheet Molded Compound is different from regular fiberglass, primarily in regards to what will stick to SMC when doing structural repairs. Traditional polyester resin used for fiberglass doesn't stick well to SMC.

    If the damage is only a couple of MM deep, then the repair is not much different than fiberglass, as all you are really doing is a gel-coat layer repair.

    Sand the rough exposed fibers down to clean up the wound. Use hand sanding rather than high speed power sanding. Power sanding creates friction heat which can affect the SMC material and weakens the bond with the repair material. Since your damaged area is small, hand sanding should not take too long.

    Recently we have been using this kit from Gelcote International
    West Marine MAS 9860453
    MASEP 95-742PS

    Also sold under other names

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    Thanks. It looks like my local marine store carries that product.

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