I've got an 07 Honda R-12X with 45 hrs on it thats cuttin out on me at or about 5k rpm's. The warning light flashes along with the FI indicator sporting an annoying beep that gets not only my attention but all those around me. When this occurs it will not allow me to throttle up therefore forcing me to drop my speed to a near idle. It'll allow me to reach a top speed of 8 with a constant beeping noise. After this happened the second time, I guessed and turned the ski off and restarted after about 10-15 secs. It would then run just as before. Excellent up to 5k rpms. I repeated this sequence about 3 times before loading it onto the trailer and I've not put it in the water since. This is my first pwc and I don't know much of anything about them. Is there anyone here that might know what is causing this problem and how to fix it? It's been in "the shop" for a week and a half and they're just as baffled as I am. Aren't they the ones that supposed to know about this sort of stuff?