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    Talking 1999 Seadoo XP Limited.

    How 's it going guys.
    I have a problem with my ski and it's driving me crazy.For some unknown reason it's chewing up the wear ring.
    I have replaced two already.I get about a day of riding and then it almost looks like it melts and wraps itself around the impeller.
    I had purchased a used pump from the same year machine and i have an unknown after market impeller than worked great with the old pump.This new one is a nightmare.There's more than enough clearance between the impeller and ring and it spins nice and smooth.

    Can someone please help.........

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    you motor alignment may be off. check for cracks in the pump housing also. a missaligned motor can stress crack the pump and throw the impeller to one side. which in turn eats the wear ring. prop could be out of balence also.

    do you have the anti spin screws in that pump?

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