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    95 900ZXI Over-revving.

    Recently picked up a 95 900 zxi, needed a little TLC, had it out past few weekends after it had supposedly sat for 5 or so years.

    I had a feeling the jet pump was going to need a rebuild soon at low rpm's it sounded kinda sloppy and on the last trip I heard it let go and was making a considerable amount of noise, and around that time I started having this issue.

    According to the service manual the red-line is somewhere around 6750, well whenever I go to take off from a stop or a low speed the engine will turn well over 8000 for several seconds until it gets up on a plain. In those several seconds it almost feels like a clutch slipping ( if i were to compare it to something ) Once its on a plain the rpms come back down to about 7200 and that's where they stay. I just found it really hard to believe that the CDI box wouldn't cut the ignition to keep it from over-revving. I know it can't be good for the engine to be turning so high so it all but makes it impossible to flog on it out of the hole.

    I just rebuilt the jet-pump housing yesterday and threw it on, all noise / previous issues went away, but it still does this " over-revving " deal. Basically in my little amount of knowledge about pwc's I'm assuming it just needs a new prop ? It was definitely a little ate up after the bearing failure. Just hoping that it doesn't need a new pump housing since apparently they don't sell replacement wear-rings for this model.

    Any/All input is appreciated as I have very limited knowledge of pwc's but am an experienced mechanic. 2-strokes really aren't my thing lol.

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    Did you put sealant around the pump when you reinstalled it? Sounds like it could be leaking air. What condition were the impeller blades in? Did you check the clearance between the blades and the housing?

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    prolly need a prop, the leading edge damaged/dinged will cause alot of slippage out of the hole.

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    No I did not put any sealant on the pump when re-installing it, there was none when I took it off nor did the book make any mention of it so I assumed that it didn't need it I'll take a look at it when I take it off to replace the prop.

    The prop blades were definately worn down a little you could tell, I didn't really get to mic the clearence though.

    My friend ended up having an aftermarket high-pitch prop laying around at his shop and gave it to me so I'm gonna throw that on there and inspect that pump seal and go from there.

    Thanks for the help.

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