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    97 seadoo hx

    I have a 95&97 seadoo hx, they are very hard to balance and it is virtually impossible to double a rider on them. I got them for my family to take my kids on but I am finding that they are difficult to ride. My question is, do they make anything that I could add to the back of them to help them stay up and stabalize them better? Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Welcome to GH anything aftermarket or oem is virtually impossible to find for those and the add on sponsons of some sort would do anything for you.unfortunately they are what they are...hard to need to sell'em cause their not family ski's

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    HX and XPL are not really family friendly I have a XPL and Its unconfortable to ride 2 persons,
    I would recommend replacing the fuel lines and do some tlc if needed so you can make your money back on them, or even a little extra $$$

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    I bought some of those water noodles, and was going to attach them to each side so my wife could ride. I was going to attach a piece of rope to the back hook run it through the noodle, and then atach it to the front hook. Dunno if it was gona work, but it was an idea. The HX was really meant for one rider. Two people usually sink it.

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