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    Is my pump bearing failing?

    Was out riding and everything was fine, when crunk to come back in had a vibration that felt like something hung in the impeller. I nursed it back in at 4 mph, pulled ski out to find no obstruction. Cranked ski on trailer and have tremendous amt of smoke coming from pump housing, there is also a charred look on the right side of the pump. Any ideas on what is causing this?

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    are you sure that smoke is coming from the pump??? the exhaust outlet is right there... the black soot like stuff is exhaust 2 stroke residue.

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    yes i know that the exhaust exits there just seems to be more soot and smoke than normal, but after thinking of how long i idled at 4mph i think the extra smoke and soot may just be where the carbs were loaded up because the ski does run rich at idle.

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