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    pro 785 gurus help!!!

    Got 97 pro and I cant get the starter to work right,all it does is spin. I thought maybe the starter was bad so I replaced it and it still just spins without turning over the engine.Im just lost for what to do any sugestion would be a great help.

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    Your bendix may be toast. It is located behind the flywheel.

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    So the bendix is not located on the starter?

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    Correct the bendix is separate. Item 16-21 is the bendix.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So is it possable to get to without pulling motor? Cause it seems the flywheel is in a pretty tight area...

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    take the tank out, pull the stator cover off and check to see the flywheel nut is on tight,, mine was loose and did exactly what yours is doing.. if the nut is loose, the bendix wont hit the flywheel anymore. just spins.. my nut was half off with the washer banging around. the woodruff key was toast.. youll be able to crawl half way in there to get at everything.. its not too bad actually. youll need a 12 and 17 mm wrenches and sockets to get the cover and pipe bracket off..

    the bendix is only accessible this way. it can be pulled out to be checked along with the flywheel and nut.

    the starter has a small gear on it, when you hit the starter, it spins the bendix gear and makes the helical gear jump up and a big gear on the other side connected to the helical makes the bigger gear hit the starter and when it starts, the flywheel kicks it back down.

    the bendix is located in the stator housing next to the flywheel and can be taken out easily when the stator cover is off. just wobble it out of there.. clean it, grease it, makes sure it moves easily, then reinstall it.. grease the bushing where the end of it sticks into the cover. check the gear condition on both ends. and the flywheel gears for missing, broken teeth. Its probably fine.. they dont blow up very easily.

    is your battery full charged? if not it wont jump the bendix very hard..

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    Well Im back from vacation and ready to get this thing on the lake.I got the flywheel off and the bendix seems to be on there pretty good.Does the starter have to be removed to get the bendix off? It kinda seems like it does because it cant come straight out.

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    they will wiggle out but it's easier if you remove the inner housing that the stator cover bolts to

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    it took me a week to get my flywheel off, geez what luck, but my bendix did come off with a little wiggling, but the stator was off,
    I had to pull sideways and out to get it free,

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