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    Connecting bilge pump up in a Polaris Octane 2004.

    Hi all

    The manual says:
    Bilge Pump Testing
    Power to the bilge pump is supplied by the LR--31--2 regulator/rectifier. When the LR senses that the engine is
    running via the YELLOW stator wire, the LR provides 12 Vdc on the ORANGE circuit.
    The bilge pump circuit consists of aORANGE/BLK and BLK wire. The BLK is grounded to the ground strap, while
    the ORANGE/BLK is terminated to the FUSED--protected ORANGE/BLK tab on the terminal board.
    To test the bilge pump while the boat is not running, terminate the ORANGE/BLK wire to any RED/PUR tab on
    the terminal board. If the bilge pump will not run, check the circuit for any short circuits. If none are found, replace
    the pump.
    If the bilge pump does not turn on when the boat is running, follow this process:
    1. Verify that ACv is present on the YELLOW stator wire when the engine is running. If not, verify cause.
    2. Replace LR module and re--check.
    If the bilgepump does not turn offwhen the engine stops, check the bilgepumpOR/BLK circuit for shorts to battery
    voltage. If none are found, replace the LR module.

    But in my electrical box I doesn't see any orange/black wire.

    The electrical diagram also shows a orange/blk wire, but this isn't to be found in my.

    How can that be?

    Please see both attachments.
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    Wow...the Octane E-box is quite a bit different from the typical domestic box.

    The orange/black terminal is just an extension of the orange circuit with a fuse between orange and orange/black going to the bilge pump. It looks like you have the two typical fuses - .25 amp for the mfd and 3 amp for the bilge. Find the 3 amp fuse and connect the orange and black wire from the bilge to the terminal coming off the fuse.

    Did you verify that the bilge comes on when you hook its wire up to a red/purple terminal?

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    For some reason the terminal board in your Octane electrical box is mostly unused. I have not worked on an Octane, so I don't know exactly how it came from the factory.

    The rust present in the photo indicates that the terminal board you have needs to be replaced, and the seal for the electrical box needs to be checked or replaced. If the electrical box is warped, replace it with one that seals properly. There should be zero moisture or corrosion inside the electrical box.

    In your photo, the Orange wire coming out of the LR module is directly linked to a Red/Purple wire. Where exactly does that single Red/Purple wire go? Does it connects into the lump with Black tape? That does not look stock to me.

    In other Polaris models with a domestic engine, the Orange wire from the LR module goes to the Orange terminal on the terminal board. A single Red/Purple wire from the CDI module (and only from the CDI module) connects to a neighboring Orange tab, linking them together. This powers the CDI from the Orange wire.

    There is a short fuse, rated at 3 Amps. I can see one in your photo, next to a longer fuse. Is that the spare fuse location?

    Normally the end of the short 3 Amp fuse opposite the Orange terminals is where the Orange Black wire would connect. Power flows out of the LR module on the Orange wire. It goes through the fuse, and onwards to the bilge pump.

    Post a photo of the other half of the electrical box, where the CDI is.

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