Hi all,
This is my first ski. '06 wake n/a. Was out all day yesterday, no problems until I brought the ski to shore for a pickup. The ski won't start. All it does is click. I hear the click come from where the main fuse panel is located. (black box) The battery is charged to 12.56v. I did have a tug boat wave come over the ski. Did not overturn, started fine when I picked up my nephew after he fell off. Rode around for 10 mins or so after that. Took the tube out for 15 mins. Came back in and that's when it wouldn't start. Just clicks. I don't know much about the mechanics of these things, but am more than willing to learn. I took the covers off the fusses and checked the circuits. All are showing 12v. I don't know what else to look for or try. Need help desperately. :blush:
Thanks in advance,