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    whats it worth

    Hey Guys, I came across a 2001 GPR in rough shape on a double trailor and that is in rough shape also. I did not get a chance to check it out but the guy told me it need work done to it. I pulled the seat and the exhaust is off of it. That was all I did. I did not have time to check it any further. just wondering what it might be worth..

    Thanks yb

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    Non running, the ski might be worth $1k. Maybe less if it's in rough shape, maybe more depending on what's wrong with it. But I wouldn't go much higher than $1k non running.

    The trailer is worth $500-$800 depending on condition.

    Those are "around here" craigslist prices, and you're a few thousand miles south of me, so YMMV. We also don't get saltwater, so that might reduce the value further.

    If you think you can get it fixed up, and you're ready to put some $$ in a project (no more than a couple hundred to fix up a trailer, but easily $3k to do a motor right, with all the "while you're at it" stuff), then try to get the whole package under $1000. If you get into it and it's fubared, you can get that back by fixing up and selling the trailer.

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