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    triple pipe water routing? Help please.

    hey guys i recently bought some used triples from a member on here. I have the original instructions. I have read them several times and im still confused. basically I have the filter block with six lines that are attached. And I have another threaded junction with three lines that are going to it. So my question is where do all of these go. and work with all of the stock water lines as well. I have searched and havent found anything. thank you for any help.

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    I have the instructions. Im just confused on what their telling me. I was trying to see if someone could explain better. or have a pic. I appreciate your help polarisnut.

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    The distribution block with 6 lines...3 of those lines go to the exhaust flanges on the motor and 3 of them go to the fittings on the head pipes...I'd supply that with the stock water line from the pump, along with a second line coming in (through the siphon bilge line), so you're running "dual cooling".
    Now the one with the 3...those collect the water from the outlet of the 3 pipes and put it out the stock water exit on the port side of the transom. Personally, I like to have 3 separate "pissers" that go through the hull, so you can verify that all 3 pipes are always receiving cooling water. It's up to you how you want to do it.

    Search for "triple" in this section. You'll find lots of pics. All of my pics are with Speedwerx pipes, so they won't help you. You will want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of those pipes before you start riding, or else you could be in for some serious issues. Triple pipes are like women...tough to deal with, require lots of time, patience, and maintenance...but once you know how to handle them, they're worth it.

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    PM your email address and I can send you quite a few pics that might help.

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    yeah thats what ive been reading. I think ive read about everything on here about triple pipes. but im up for the challenge. just to dumb to figure out the water situation.

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    Pipe Connections


    I am not an artist, but this might help the few people that are hooking triples up with the stock connections. Hope this does some good as it can be very confusing as you read through the directions.

    PM me if you have any questions..... these are for FPP pipes and only deal with the plumbing of the hoses and water blocks.
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    thats great!! I dont understand why they couldnt put something like that in the instructions. looking at your pic now the instructions make sense.

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