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    sucked up some stuff

    Hi, for the second time now my ski has sucked up something that blocked the pump. The first time was a stretch of plastic tape. It made an ugly noise and caused the ski to vibrate for 3-4 seconds, before i could stop the engine. Pulled the tape out from the intake and started again, no problems.
    The second time it sucked up something hard (heard some sort of "bang" before the vibration started), but I was going almost full throttle and the ski chewed it up and spit it out in a flash, whatever it was.
    Question: do I need to check anything as a precaution, or just don't bother as long as there is no lasting problem? There is no damage to be seen when I look at the impeller from the steering nozzle, and the ski was up to normal top speed without any issues.



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    You could put a flash-light into the nozzle and look into the pump from under the ski through the grate,
    your prop and liner are more likely to be dented from that side, where the stuff entered your pump rather than where it was expelled.
    You will miss most of the damage if you look only into the pump through the nozzle...
    As the speeds we turn our props it doesnt really matter if the stuff is hard or soft, I once caught a large pink bra that totally wrecked my solas prop...
    Check your prop to liner clearance, if it s more than 0.5mm you are losing speed.
    Your impeller blades must be razor sharp for best performance.
    Also inspect your intake grate for nicks that could lead it to break over time. aluminium grates are know to snap, leading to a massive buck.
    And check your shaft looking into the front of the ski this time, sometimes you get fishing line or net threads wrapping around and riding up the cavity
    Hope it helps,

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    allright, shall take a look at least. and will steer clear of large bras

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