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    New guy on the site

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the sport and the forum. I had a wetjet back in about 93, and a vxr pro for one summer, but my motocross got in the way.
    I am an ex product development engineer with BAJA Marine, and now a general contractor, so I have had plenty of go fast boats, and logged as many miles in 100 plus mph boats as almost anyone here in the mid west. We decided to get some jetskis to haul behind the camper for the kids, and so far all I have found in my area is one 96 xp. When I bought it, trim didnt work, cutting out intermittently, and some other issues. I have everything working now, except for the trim gauge. I just cant figure out the circuits for it to replace them. Anywho, hope to meet a lot of good people, maybe find a few leads for another 95 to 97 xp, (my fav years.) Ride safe, and keep it shiny side up!!

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    Welcome to GH!

    Just a little advise from experience...when I was younger we started with a 95XP and then got a second 96XP. the 96 was so much more fun cause it was faster and more responsive that no one really wanted to ride the 95 anymore. i would suggest that you find something with at least the same motor. that way you always have extra parts for two skis not just one. you may also want to look for 98 and 99 SPX's they are basically the same as a 96XP with all the updates. and on another note read the DIY Fuel system cleaning thread. Im sure that your 96XP needs it.
    happy riding!

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