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    A Few Ultra 150 questions.

    I've been reading, and reading, and reading the threads on here, LOTS of good info for a new Ultra 150 owner. I learned enough to jump all over thesepaperwings' ski for sale anyway I do have a few questions I cannot find an answer to though, hope someone can take the time to help me out.

    What is the proper way to tow this ski behind another boat? The crew I normally go to the lake with has a large party barge it usually winds up behind, it's not fast, about 20MPH tops. I have read that you need to shut off some waterlines, and seen others say not to worry about it, so which is it?

    What is the opinion of the riders on here of Hydro turf seat covers? The current cover is a non slip material made for wetsuits. I do not wear wetsuits, I currently have no hair and very little skin on the inside of my thighs. This cover has to go. I do not race the ski, have no plans to race it, but I do ride fairly spirited so I would like something that will not be really slick. Opinions please.

    Race gas, the original owner was kind enough to include a set of 36cc ADA domes to go along with the 42's on it now, Skiworks has been through the carbs and they are supposed to be good to go with no rejeting required. My question is how do these motors do on a diet of AvGas? Specifically 110LL rather than 110 race fuel? I can get all the AvGas my heart desires relatively cheaply, race gas is hard to come by in my area and rather costly. Avgas is very dry, I do premix a touch of oil in the gas, that should take care of that, but AvGas is certified to be at least 110 octane, from the fuel reports I have perused over the years it normally runs 115-120 octane, will this be an issue?


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    Welcome to the board.

    I use a m-line seat cover, it has a pretty good grip without tearing up the legs to bad. Some of that you just get used to.

    I have towed without shutting off the water supply line at low speed but would probly be safer to pinch the water line closed comming from the transom
    to the back side of the cylinders.

    There was a good thread in the polaris section about avgas you migh want to go read.

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    Pinch the line from the transom, gotcha, soon as I get back on regular shift I'll make up something to do the job.

    Now, off I go to search the polaris section, thanks for the steer!

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