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    Mounting trailer spare to trailer frame

    Hi Dudes,

    I've had my sea-doo sportster SCIC for 4 summers now. Each summer we go on one long trip to the cabin and several short trips. Last year I bought a cheapie spare tire on a rim for the trailer. I have been throwing it in the boat but have got tired of that.

    So, I bought a cheapie big U bolt kit to mount the spare tire. It is not one of those stand-off arms that raise the spare tire up and out.

    I bolted it directly to the frame about 18 inches back from the Y at the tongue. The question is this- there is about 7 inches of clearance between the bottom of the spare and the road. It is now the lowest point of the rig. Is this two low- what do you think? Do i need to mount it somewhere else.

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    I used the same unit to mount mine!
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    Thats the same way I have mine mounted. I haven't hit anything..........yet.
    If I remember right the axle is lower.

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    mine is pretty much the same way,I just hammer down if it gets hung up on something....the only time it gets "hung up" is when im in really soft sand or deep ruts in the sand. no issues on the road and i travel with the ski's up and down the west coast a bit.

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    I don't think your spare should be mounted in such a way that it's the lowest part of the underside of your trailer. Do you have room on your trailer to invert the application? I use the same type mount but the bolt is used going up from the bottom of the trailer, so the tire sits on top as opposed to being suspended from the bottom.

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    Same tire mount I use. I also have the tire sitting in the top of the frame.

    I put one of these on it. It's not much, but maybe it will detur a causal thief.

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