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    New to the site and world of PWC's

    Just wanted to introduce myself a little since I am new to the site. Couple of days ago I purchased an 03 Gp1300R with 32 hrs. on the clock. I took the ski out on Sat. for a little testing to make sure everything was in good standing with the ski and to maybe get some base numbers. I am a 260lb rider, there are no mods done the ski at all, it had a full take of gas and oil. First pull on the GPS it went 62.0mph. I am not sure on the temp prob. mid 80's no clue at all on the humidity. After riding for awhile and getting down to about 1/2 tank of gas I decided to make another pull on the ski was able to squeeze out 62.8mph. I was pleased with those numbers as i was sitting on the seat in a slouched position not trying to superman it or anything.

    I am new to the world of jet skis and really know nothing about them. I have been reading like a mad man on this site to try and find out all I can about my ski and what improvements I can make and maybe pick up a lil speed without actually buying anything for it just yet. Any and all suggestions are welcome. From what I can tell thus far this is a really informative group here at GreenHulk and I am proud be member.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Check out the sticky threads for all your DIY mods.

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