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    RXT handling... would pump wedge help?

    Well after owning my 2005 RXT for 4 years I finally spent an entire day riding it......I always ride my RXP and my wife or a friend is typically on the RXT. I was waiting on a couple of parts for my RXP that came in late and there was not time to get it done before the weekend.

    I notice that the RXT stays in the water amazingly well over the chop but really gets the bow shoved around alot especially when you are dealing with boat wake from 2 different directions.... Im sure this is due to the neutral trim position which has the bow down in the water further. Would adding a pump wedge help? My thought process is that getting the bow up a bit would reduce this issue. Curious to hear thoughts from others here????

    Also on a side note...... what a frigging gas pig!!! I cant believe how much more fuel that thing sucks up compared to my RXP when you are riding it hard (my wife rides pretty easy hardly ever going flat out, my friends usually ride easier as well)

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    For starters..congrats on owning the baddest looking ski ever built. Your green and black rxt.

    The wedge will make it handle a bit squirrly.....add a set of skegs along with the wedge....two thumbs up. It'll track straight through the wot...when your rxp is spending more time in the air than on the water.

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