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    2003 Sea doo limited Supercharged

    I found the following ski for sale and was wondering if it was worth it to buy and fix. Here is what the owner told me:

    "Possible engine problem but it runs. Just had supercharger rebuilt this winter and new wear ring installed. Was running fantastic until Memorial holiday when the ski lost engine oil through driveshaft seal and ingested water."

    Any ideas how tough a fix this would be and what something like this would cost?

    Sorry if this is not the right spot for this post.

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    The engine could be a total loss ... hard to tell from the wording, but hard to say if the oil loss really was from the driveshaft seal for one. The 'water ingestion' ... if the MOTOR got water in it, it can kill the engine due to hydrolock, or it can rust up the inside if it is not quickly and properly corrected the day it happened. Definitely need a lot more info before anybody could offer an opinion.

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    well, from what i have read it is probably best to move on from it and not make it my headache.


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    Unless your getting a killer deal I would move on...... by killer deal I mean significantly cheaper that what it would cost to replace the entire engine along with enough extra to compensate for whatever headache you incur going through the BS to get it back running.

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