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    how to set the timing

    hi i dont know how to set the timing i did the timing chain crank and cam line up but it cant set the head the 1501 is at the bottom of the head how do u get it to the top please help thanks

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    If the head is already installed you need to take off the rocker arm shaft off.

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    no the head is not on

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    have to take the chain off and spin it then put the chain back on.

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    Pin the crank with the marks aligned for the flywheel and balancer shaft aligned first.

    The lobes on the cam should both face downward on cyl#3(far end to the PTO/flywheel end). Tighten the carrier down with new bolts, and lock it in place with the pin.

    Now you should have them all in correct orientation. Lobes down, and crank locked. Make sure you are certain that the crank is locked correctly. The pin will go in in the space around the crank pins if you are not thinking clearly!!

    Chain is best supported by ty-wrap or the like meanwhile. Get sprocket into the chain, and offer it up to the cam end, and hop the links over the chain until it aligns. I put a driver shaft through the sprocket to safeguard it dropping into the chain well..!!

    The sprocket is correct when the pin that protrudes out(Timing pin) is at the 5 o'clock position when viewing from the rear of the engine. Just finely set it in place, as you may be one out or so. NEW bolts here to lock it in place, and tighten them to spec, and nothing else!

    Easy eh?

    Once done, rotate the crank, and note that the compression stroke is good for #3, and not the over-lap stroke as some have done. Identified by the lobes of the cam being both facing down toward the head, and not upward. The pin on the sprocket will be at the 5 0'clock position.

    If you get this wrong, it can run, but setting mixture is a impossibility, and power will be down.

    Always rotate the engine after to make sure it spins without problems.

    Hope this helps.

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