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    R&D vs Worx intake grate

    Does anyone have any experience between these two intake grates for 900STX skis? I want to get something to help keep it down, but I don't want to lose top speed. I have a sompletely stock '99 900STX, and I ride mostly on lakes and rivers.

    What is the difference between them? Do they change fuel consumption? Is one better than the other for different riding styles or conditions?

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    either one will ur gonna lose alil bit, but the worx you wont lose as much as the r&d. its that all u plan on doing it comes downto preference if you ride in really rough water id say the r&d

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    I don't have experience with the worx but I do with the R&D and it does keep you hooked up especially in rough chop. You are going to lose a lil bit on the top end if you are riding on glass but I doubt you will notice, but if most of your riding is in chop then it won't matter much because you will be able to run faster with ether one then without it. So it is going to help in the end ether way.

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