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    boost guage

    does anyone know who makes a small waterproof boost gauge? thanks

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    dynotunes gauges works well. Just be sure to check the option to make it waterproof when you check out. I think it's a extra $10.

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    IMO i think the Dynotune gauges are a piece of shit.

    I have had two of them now and have had nothing but problems with not reading correctly.

    Even replaced the sensors twice.

    I even made a waterproof enclosure to put the wiring connectors etc in to and still played up.

    Go for a mechanical gauge as they are problem free.

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    Stay away from Nordrskog also. I bought one from Siliconeintakes last year and is was defective on arrival. They would not take it back and told me to deal with the manufacture. The manufacture was out of business. 1 year latter Silconeintakes still sells these gauges.

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