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    97 xp taking on water/wear ring

    hey guys blew the bearing under seat on 97, installed new, new carbon ring also. still taking on water.....wondering if it is the carrier seal that seals to carbon ring? i did hammer it a bit when removing drive shaft?....wondering if its bent.....also installed new wear ring (wsm) and nujet impeller, hits rev limiter and doesnt like to take off, once up on plane look out shes gone! hearing aftermarket wear rings arent the way to go...oem?

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    How did the thru hull fitting look? Just fixed my 93--locked bearing and spun the hose around the plastic fitting and started sinking. Get a brass repair fitting and marine epoxy.

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    i never had a prob with a wsm wear ring, I have one on my 97 spx and have installed on 3 other skis, the nujet may be your problem, are you sure it's the right one for your ski? which one did you get?

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